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A introduction to Monster Quest  

Monster Quest is a fun and exciting game with nine years of play testing by fantasy gamers. If you like dungeons and a dragon or two than you will love a game of Monster Quest. The Game doesn’t take days or weeks to prepare; it’s ready to go in minute’s right out of the box.  Monster Quest is a fantasy adventure board game that leads a player through a magical land of action and adventure. Monster Quest has 226 spaces on the board and 450 cards.  There are 150 Spell cards, 150 Wisdom cards, 150 Map cards, 44 Monster cards, and even 16 Property cards that can be bought or won during the game.  The cards are one of the ways that a player develops their character.  Also, the cards give the player the ability to move about the land of Monster Quest rather than relying solely on the chance of the dice.


There are 12 different parts to the game-board, a main trail that connects all of the different parts of the game-board together, a Town Adventure, a Dungeon, six Inner trails, and three Outer trails.


Each player has a pegboard to keep track of their Hit Points (HP), Armor Class (AC), Platinum Pieces (PP), Gold Pieces (GP), Silver Pieces (SP), Jewels, and the Experience (Exp.) that a player will gain during the game.


Monster Quest uses two sets of dice, two six-sided and two eight-sided.  The dice are used to Battle Monsters, win treasure, and move about the land of Monster Quest.


A game of Monster Quest can last anywhere from three to five hours depending on the level of difficulty you wish to play.


Monster Quest can be played by two to four players.  There are six jewels in the game protected by monsters; a player must collect all six jewels to win the game.  Monster Quest is a whole world on one board where strategy is key.


Beyond the City Gate treasure awaits in dark Caves, along Wooded Trails through the Emerald Forest on Shipyard Docks across the Black Sea to thirst in the Desert wandering the Foothills to the Mountains of Doom on your way to the King’s Castle to save the Princess.  BEWARE of the Dungeon on your quest young squire and if you have what it takes the jewels can be yours.



 Monster Quest™

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