Brain-Teasers 11-20

11. A Difficult Crossing

A farmer must transport a dog, a duck, and a bag of corn from one side of a river to the opposite bank. The craft he is using is very small-only large enough for him to take one of his possessions at any one time. If he leaves the dog alone with the duck, the dog is likely to make short work of the duck. If he leaves the duck alone with the corn, the duck will make short work of the corn. What is the least number of trips the farmer can take to manage safely?

12. Grand Central Station

All the trains from Grand Central Station go to Fogwell. From Fogwell, some go on to Kemp; others, to Banstock and then to Midvale; others, to Greenfields and on to Deane. The fare is $3 to Kemp, Midvale, or Deane; elsewhere, $2. Dan is in a hurry. He has bought a $2 ticket. The first train is going to Midvale, but Dan does not get on. What is Dan's destination?

13. Two merchants in partnership have purchased an eight-quart jug of olive oil. They want to divide the oil into two equal parts. However, all they have on hand for purposes of measuring are two jugs-one of which holds five quarts, and the other three quarts. At first it seems impossible to effect an even division of four quarts by using the three containers on hand; bu they finally manage to do it. Can you?

14. Cowboy Boots

Mr. Cobblewell, a bootmaker, sold a pair of boots to well-dressed stranger, who tendered a $50 bill in payment. As he had no change, Mr. Cobblewell went next door and had his friend Plaster, the druggist, change the bill. The price of the boots was $46. The stranger took his change and left. Shortly afterwards Plaster appeared in Cobblewell's shop in a state of much agitation to explain that the $50 bill he had been given was counterfeit. Naturally, Cobblewell had no option but to replace it with a good $50 bill.

15. The Steel Beam

A steal beam balances on a scale with three-quarters of a beam and a 3/4 pound weight. How much does the beam weigh?

16. The Egg Man

An egg man sold to Mr. Jones half his stock of eggs and half an egg. He then sold to Smith half of his remaining stock and half and egg. Then Robinson bought half of the eggs, which he had left and half an egg. Finally Brown bought the rest of his stock, namely 33 eggs. How many eggs did the egg man have to start with? He did not sell any broken eggs!

17.I am not seen, but I am everywhere. Nature is best, but I can be made. Without me you can't live. What am I?

18. I'm sometimes white, Although sometimes I'm black. I take you there, but never bring you back. What am I?

19. Never serious, having fun; Three dotted letters, All in a row. Look for me high, But never low. Tell me the word that makes this riddle be so.

20. I am a three digit number.My tens digit is five more than my ones digit. My hundreds digit is eight less than my tens digit. What am I?

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