Index of Inventor Stories

Leslie Scott - Inventor of Jenga

Arne Lauwers - Inventor of Arne and Pictureka!, the new hot Hasbro game picked up the Chicago Toy and Game Fair

Don Meyer - Dream Weaver

Glenn Drover - Turning PC titles into board games.

Entrepreneur Kurt Kirckof's "Going-Going Crazy" Children's Board Game - A "Virtual Company" Case Study.

Paul Koch - Emergency Room Doc does "Spooks"

Sue Saunders - Girls Nite Out

Tim Walsh - Inventor of TriBond and Blurt, courtesy of Patch Products

David Feldman - Inventor of Malarky, courtesy of Patch Products

Terry White - Inventor of Mad Gab, courtesy of Patch Products

Kevin McNulty - From shining shoes to Trivial Pursuit to Endless Games.

Darlene Calhoun - Award Winning Inventor of Brainstrain and Fabrication games

Alan R. Moon - Six Years of My Life Put into Perspective

Bruno Faidutti - Inventing A Tale of Two Cities

Carolyn, inventor of Seeking Agent X.

Denis Ralet - Inventor of Dalton City

Eric Poses - The Driving Ambition of a Board Game Inventor.

Klaus Teuber - Creator of the Settlers of Catan phenomenon and numerous other popular games, as interviewed by our Mary Couzin.

Mary Couzin - How began.

Matt Ryan -Inventor of Spark

Michael Ernst - Inventor of Block-It-Pocket

Robert Fraser - DUOWORD, from Australia

Scott Peterson -Inventor of Pirateer

Thomas Silva - Rolling and Learning with Tri-Square Dice

Tom Jolly - Manufacturing or Marketing your Own Game .

Wolfgang Kramer - Torres-the 2000 Spiel des Jahres winner.


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