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Knucklebones - Great new game magazine to hit the racks, subscribe at

The Bloom Report, Created by Philip Bloom - Current state of the industry at a glance.

Playthings Magazine
51 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010
212-683-7929 fax

edplay Magazine- For Specialty Toy & Game Retailers
PO Box 1080
Geneva, NY 14456
315-789-4263 fax
Advertising Contact:
Rick Kauder

Games Unplugged

Abstract Games Magazine at

Counter edited by Stuart Dagger. This publication is full of reviews, articles, letters, sneak peeks at upcoming games, and even an original game or two. Check out the Counter page at Through that page you can subscribe for a year at a price of $25.

Get in The Game (GIG)

Spielbox-Online (mit KMWs Spielplatz) Knut-Michael Wolf is the editor.

Wounds Unlimited - a free bi-monthly e-zine dedicated to covering the adventure gaming industry.

The Game Cabinet - A monthly games magazine distributed exclusively on the World 
Wide Web. The magazine primarily covers family, beer and pretzel, and strategy games 
with an occasional nod to war games, miniatures, and role-playing games. 

The Game Report- The Game Report Online is the Web  incarnation of The Game Report, 
a quarterly publication dedicated to board, party, dice, card, family, and strategy 
games of all shapes and sizes. This is a great site! Stop by and let them know.
Pyramid Magazine - Steve Jackson has provided us with Pyramid, the gaming hobby's 
hottest voice! We're your online source for game reviews, source material and background 
information for all your favorite games . . . Magic, AD&D, Rifts, Battletech, GURPS, 
In Nomine, INWO, Shadowrun, Castle Falkenstein, Earthdawn and many more. We cover card 
games, computer gaming, miniature systems and war gaming. Pyramid received the Origins 
Award Nomination in 1998 for Best Professional Game Magazine.
The Chess Cafe - One of the most highly acclaimed and frequented chess sites on the 
world wide web. Here are some of the things you'll find at the Chess Cafe; chess book 
reviews, one-stop tournament information center, Tournament Announcements and Tournament 
Reports, Endgame Studies, Letters, special articles and more.
Game Publishers Association- GPA - A great organization devoted to professional 
small game publishers.
The Games Journal- The Games Journal is a monthly web-based publication 
concerned primarily with board games. It came into being mainly as a way 
of archiving the articles that were written for The Games Cafe, a now 
defunct website. Our intention is to provide a forum for articles about 
board gaming in general although we'll also provide reviews about specific 
games as well. We'd especially like to focus any talk about a specific 
game on ones that might have been overlooked or under promoted.

Hobby Merchandiser
225 Gordons Corner Road
Manalapan, NJ 07726

Toy Book
1501 Broadway, Suite 500
new York, NY 10036

Brett and Board - Mik Svellov's, of Denmark, site about German games in English.

Moves - Decision Game's magazine covering board games.


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