Hear expert advice and/or meet with top companies. 2014's lineup included:  Hasbro, Spin Master, Mayfair, Marbles, Audley, Jazwares, Vivd Imaginations, BOTI, Blue Orange, Asmodee, Identity Games,  Lionel Trains, Alga Brio, Ravensburger, Think Fun, iello, Peaceable Kingdom, Educational Insights,  Basic Concepts,  Mindware, Patch Products, USAopoly, Plasmart, Carlo Baby,  Buffalo Games, Sun Toy, DesignEdge, Richard Gottlieb, Richard Gill,  and much more! www.tandgcon.com.  Includes a ticket to the Toy and Game Inventor of the Year Awards - an elegant and celebratory evening www.tagieawards.com.



Our mission - We are the resource for toy and game inventors to learn about the industry and show their products to board game retailers, manufacturers & licensors and game players at fairs and expos around the world, e-newsletters, co-op mailings and website listings. Retailers need new products. In between inventors & retailers are game suppliers, reps and agents. We bring everyone together and promote toy, card and board game inventors as the celebrities they are. See Chicago Tribune article announcing our debut 10 years ago!


Get your game in front of retailers, media and manufacturers as a member of DiscoverGames.com. We have booths this year at New York Toy Fair (February), ASTRA (June) and Chicago Toy & Game Fair (November). Membership is annual. For more information visit Our Services.


Exhibit at the eleventh  annual Chicago International Toy and Game Fair! The Chicago Toy and Game Fair showcases product from around the world to the public and media just before the holidays. Events and activities for all ages. Visit www.chitagfair.com for details! November 23rd and 24th. Inventor tables available for $500 if part of T&GCon (see above) or $800.



Toy and Game Inventor of the Year Awards honoring toy and game inventors on November 22nd. Past generous sponsors include Hasbro (Presenting Sponsor), Mattel, Cepia, Patch Products, Learning Curve, Razor, Playology, Leslie Scott, Joyce Johnson Designs, Design Edge, Toy Industry Association, Strong National Museum of Play, and Chicago Toy and Game Group.  Tim Walsh, inventor, author and filmmaker is Master of Ceremonies.  Read about it http://www.globaltoynews.com/2012/11/toy-industry-shines-at-toy-game-inventor-awards.html#more and http://www.thegameaisle.com/2012-tagie-award-winners-oh-what-a-night/.



There are four interesting blogs for game inventors, check them out and post your thoughts: Game Critics/Inventors as Celebrities, The Soul of the Industry, Why Board Games are Important and Chicago Toy and Game Fair: One Big Focus Group. Read about the Founder of DiscoverGames and The Chicago Toy and Game Fair, Mary Couzin, in The Tribes of Toy Nation: The Enthusiasts 


Read the latest happening in the industry as well as thought provoking articles at Global Toy News. DiscoverGames's founder Mary Couzin is one of the columnists.


For the best and most interesting resource anywhere on the history of toys and games, go to http://www.theplaymakers.com and order a copy of Timeless Toys (formerly The Playmakers) and a copy of the film Toyland. Tim Walsh, inventor of Blurt!, co-inventor of TriBond and more does a superb job of documenting the history of our industry.


Join AGPC today! The Association of Game & Puzzle Collectors is the only international organization for collectors and researchers who share a common interest in the history and preservation of games and puzzles of all types. Go to www.agpc.org for more information. DiscoverGames attended their convention in Boston learned a lot, met terrific people and had a wonderful time.


How to market Board Games in the 21st century - Eric Poses, Davd Wolinsky

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How to Sell Your Idea for a Video Game - by Tom Sloper, works for board game inventors as well.

Alan R. Moon - Why shouldn't inventor/designer's names be on the box; AND, Designer Games - the second generation of games.
Gameclubs - Looking for people to game with?

Archived Stories about Board Game Sales



For the most comprehensive collection of articles anywhere about why playing board games is good for you, visit www.GamesForEducators.com.

Games Played in Olden Days, Too - Board games were as important to their social life and culture as they are to ours - Cinnamom Bair, Polk Chronicles

The four challenges that games provide - Yehuda Beringer

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Board Games Fill Long Winter Nights with Traditional Fun-Our members get Pittsburgh press!
Playing Games Reduces Alzheimer's Risk - Study by the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center


Leslie Scott - Inventor of Jenga

Tony Ellis - Chronicles of a Toy Inventor

Arne Lauwers - Inventor of Arne and Pictureka!, the new hot Hasbro game picked up the Chicago Toy and Game Fair

Kevin McNulty - From shining shoes to Trivial Pursuit to Endless Games.
Darlene Calhoun - Award Winning Inventor of Brainstrain and Fabrication games
Wolfgang Kramer - Torres-the 2000 Spiel des Jahres winner.
Mary Couzin - How DiscoverGames.com began.
Tom Jolly - Manufacturing or Marketing your Own Game .
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Kids Invent the Darndest Things - Paul Niemann of MarketLaunchers.com and author of More Inventor Mysteries



Bruno Faidutti - Thoughts on protecting your game, prototypes and more

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Beth Pfeiffer McNay, CEO Gamewright, Traditional games enjoy a renaissance in the Video Age.
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"No one licenses an idea...If you do not have the time, money, skills, or commitment to build a prototype of idea, the odds of your ever licensing it are reduced to practically zero." Richard Levy is a professional inventor/marketer with more than 95 licensed products, including the best selling game Adverteasing. Visit the Discover Games bookstore to read more about this great book!
In 1974, Ralph Anspach, a San Francisco State University Economics professor, invented a board game and Parker Brothers sued. He then uncovered the true story of Monopoly. It isn't what you think...






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