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Anagrams-What is an anagram? A word or phrase formed by reordering the letters of another word or phrase, such as satin to stain.

Anecdotes- When Albert Einstein lay dying in Princeton Hospital on April 18, 1955, what were the last words he uttered to the nurse assigned to him? - Nobody knows, the nurse didn't speak German.

Brain Teasers - N - Logic Puzzles- When does Thursday come before Wednesday?

Cartoons of the Day - Need a laugh? Yeah, me too.

Crossword Puzzles - One down - What is the fermented paste of taro root eaten in Hawaii called?

Collectible Toys n Games - A short list of sites devoted to the preservation of old toys and games.

Essayists - It is a newspaper's duty to print news, and raise hell. - Wilbur F. Storyey (1819-1884) Editor, Chicago Times.

Famous Quotes - If you can dream it you can do it. - Walt Disney

Greeting Cards - Send your love some honey or send your honey some love

Holiday Fun - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, etc.

Invention Quiz - Do you know who invented the fountain pen?

Kids- bit of fun and learning online. (flash5)

Mazes - Did you know that the first maze was built on the island of Crete where a legendary monster was held prisoner in a labyrinth of confusing passageways.
Word Games - delicatessen/ensliced eats (Anonyme, 1921)

Movie Links - Great collection of movie related links and fun!

Music Trivia & - Sample questions from For The Record Board Game.

Music Lyrics - All you Karokee singers out there should enjoy some of these links.

Music Lyrics

Online Gaming Links - Decent list of ROMS, Emulators, Cheats and Game Review sites. Visit the Zone as well as other cool online game sites.

Active Minds

Senseless Knowledge - Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks?

Trivia and Useless/Interesting Facts - A Boeing 747's wingspan is longer than the Wright brothers' first flight.

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