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Sample Questions & Answers
(Big Bubba's Redneck Trivia™)
Q. Who wrote the American Declaration of Independence?

A. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. Interestingly, he refused to sign the U.S. Constitution cause he felt it gave the Federal Government too much power over the states.

If you declared the right answer, move ahead 2 spaces.

Q. On the Beverly Hillbillies, what did the Clampett's call the swimin pool?

A. The Clampett's called the pool the cement pond.

If that answer didn't sink, swim ahead one space and go fishin.

Q. In golf, when (not if) you hit your ball at somebody, you yell….

a. It came from over there.
b. Incomin.
c. Duck.
d. Fore.
e. Heads up.
f. Sue me.
g. Speed up.

A. The answer is D; even though when I play with my buddies, I have heard them other ones more and a few I can't print.

If you dodged that ball, move one space ahead.

Q. What 2 items must you have to go frog giggin?

A. In order to go frog giggin, you got to have a gigger and a flashlight. Underwear and shoes are optional.

If you gigged that answer, leap ahead 2 spaces.

Q. What's a Blue Moon?

A. A blue moon is the second fulll moon in one month. It happens about once every 3 years.

If that one made you blue, orbit another 2 spaces.

Q. How many eggs did Cool Hand Luke eat?

A. Cool Hand Luke ate 50 eggs. That's my boy, Ol Luke.

If you cracked that answer, move one space ahead and go fishin.

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