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You play Strip Bingo the same way that you play Regular Bingo - You try to cover 5 numbers in a row, either up or down, across or diagonal.


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There are only two differences in this game from that of Regular Bingo. 1. When a Bingo number on your card is called and it says, STRIP under that number - you must take off an article of clothing. 2. When a Bingo number on your card is called and it says DRINK under that number - you must take a shot of a beverage of your choice. Do not call another number until all players have completed their tasks of either stripping or drinking. Players have a 5 minute time limit to complete their tasks. Players not completing their tasks in 5 minutes will be disqualified. The winner of the game is the player who gets Bingo first and that player gets to ask any player of their choice to take off one (1) more article of clothing.


  • 6 bingo player cards
  • plastic markers
  • 1 master board
  • 1 mood candle
  • 1 handy canvas bag


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