The Game About Who you know
on a first-name-basis.

Quick! How many famous "George's"
can you name?

Easy to learn! Perfect for teams!

Be challenged in a whole new way! With each turn, you must draw a name card and think of a famous person with that first name. 'Who' you say all depends on what square you land on:

Let's say you draw the name "Jack"...

On a "Stars" square and you could say "Jack Nicholson".

On a "Fictional Characters" square and you could say "Jack Frost".

On namedrop TM you have to name as many "Jack's" as you roll, ANY category...Jack Palance, Jack the Ripper, Jack Kennedy....

On nameoff TM , you battle with your opponents over who can name the most "Jack's".

Quick, you've got only 30 seconds or you lose your turn.


  • Game Board
  • 6 Tokens & 6 Stickers
  • Timer
  • Name Cards
  • Rule Sheet
  • Quick Reference Sheet
  • Suggested retail: $30

Ages: 12 to Adult
Players: 2 to 6, but teams of any size are even better.
Object: It's a race!! To win, be the first player or team to reach "The Final Namesake" and correctly 'namesake' the game-winning name.

Category: Party, Family, Trivia

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